Jury concerts

The jury concerts are the core of every Festival. Each participating group brings its own program for a renowned international jury.

This jury guarantees a reliable and constructive evaluation of the musical performance of the participants.

The repertoire and the duration of the programme depends on the category in which the group performs.


A renowned international jury evaluates from a constructive angle all participants' performances and will hand during the proclamation a diploma. After the proclamation the jury can be consulted in person. A few weeks after the Festival a jury report will be sent emphasising a positive and non-competitive assessment.

The diploma states:

  • first prize “summa cum laude"= 98, 99 or 100%
  • first prize “cum laude" = between 90 and 97%
  • first prize = between 80 and 89%
  • second prize = between 70 and 79%
  • third prize = between 60 and 69%
  • mention = 59% or less

Groups with 90% or more will also receive the festival medal.


€ 7,5 for all Festival days with jury concerts
Available at the entrance of each concert venue.

Timing and locations

  • Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof – theatre, Toekomstlaan 5, Neerpelt
  • Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof – sports hal, Toekomstlaan 5, Neerpelt
  • St.-Jozefkerk Boseind, De Kentings 15, Neerpelt
  • Hubertustheater, Stationsstraat 25, Neerpelt
  • St.-Niklaaskerk, Kerkstraat 5, Neerpelt
  • Kerk O.L.V. Maagd der Armen, Grote Heide 9, Neerpelt
  • Cultureel Centrum Palethe, Jeugdlaan 2, Overpelt
  • Kerk St. Monulphus en St. Gondulphus St.-Huibrechts-Lille, Dorpsstraat 1, Neerpelt
  • Ontmoetingscentrum De Vranken, Herent 122, Neerpelt

Programme booklet

All details and programmes are available in the programme booklet.  This is for sale at the entrance of the concert venues (€ 4 a piece).


It is self-evident that a complete silence is mandatory in all halls of the jury concerts. During the performance nobody is allowed to enter or leave the room and it is only allowed to take photos without flash and sound. Entering and leaving the room is only permitted when an ensemble has finished its' complete programme.

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