Depending on the chosen formula, you find out everything about prices here, including participation fees, accommodation and catering costs and the payment.

Participation fee

All selected groups will pay a participation fee of € 8,50 per participant with a maximum of € 500 and a minimum of € 75 per group.

For music organisations, wishing to participate with several different groups, following maximum participation costs will be charged:

  • the first group: maximum € 500 - minimum € 75
  • the second group: maximum € 300 - minimum € 75
  • the third and all next groups: maximum € 250 - minimum € 75

The group with the highest number of participants is considered to be the first group.

In the maximum invoice, the maximum number of accompanying adults is 5. The costs for additional accompanying adults will be counted separately on the group invoice.

Persons, who participate in more groups, only pay the participation price once.

Groups that choose the weekend formula receive a discount of 50 % on this participation fee. 

Accommodation costs

For a stay in formula 1 (weekend from Thursday 29/04/2021 until Monday 03/05/2021) the following prices apply:

  • 1a: Luxery bungalow park: per persoon for the weekend, all in: € 265
  • 1b: Holiday village: per person for the weekend, all in: € 170
  • 1c: Group accommodation: per person for the weekend, all in: € 170
  • 1d: Host family: per person for the weekend, all in: € 170

Catering prices

For groups staying in the weekend formula, all meals are included in the accommodation costs.

  • Additional packed lunches can be ordered for the day of departure: € 5,50 per person

Groups that participate in the one-day formula can order meals at the following prices:

  • Hot lunch: € 9,50 per person
  • Dinner: € 7 per person


You will receive a detailed invoice for the participation and accommodation costs.

The participation fee along with an advance of at least 80% of the total accommodation costs must be transferred before February 15, 2021 to account number BE70 3350 0378 0925 (BIC-code: BBRUBEBB) of ING Neerpelt/Overpelt, Leopoldlaan 146 in 3900 Pelt, Belgium. On your payment you should mention the invoice number, the group number, the name and place of origin of the group.

Registration rules

  • In case of late payment of the registration fee and/or the advance, the application will be cancelled!
  • If a selected group withdraws from the festival after March 1, the registration fee will be considered compensation for administrative costs; this amount will be increased with reservation costs for lodging and meals.
  • The balance will be settled before arrival by a final bill, having taken into account the paid advances. All participants are obliged to settle all remaining balances before or at arrival.
  • The festival accepts no credit cards.
  • No reimbursements of travelling expenses will be paid.
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