Participation fee

All participating groups pay a registration fee of €8,50 per person with a is a maximum of 500 EURO and a minimum of 75 EURO per choir.

For music organizations who wish to participate with multiple choirs, consisting of different persons, following maximum prices are set:
-          the first choir: maximum 500 EURO – minimum 75 EURO
-          the second choir: maximum 300 EURO – minimum 75 EURO
-          the third and all following choirs: maximum 250 EURO – minimum 75 EURO

The choir with the highest number of participants will considered the first ensemble.

à Groups that choose the weekend formula receive a discount of 50 % on the participation fee.

à In the maximum invoice, the maximum number of accompanying adults is 5.


You will receive a detailed invoice for the participation and accommodation costs.

The participation fee must be transferred one week after registration to account number BE70 3350 0378 0925 (BIC-code: BBRUBEBB) of ING Neerpelt/Overpelt, Leopoldlaan 146 in 3900 Pelt, Belgium. On your payment you should mention the invoice number, the group number, the name and place of origin of the group.

Registration rules

  • In case of late payment of the registration fee and/or the advance, the application will be cancelled.
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