For your participation at the Festival, you need to make a choice between 2 formulas

Formula 1: weekend stay from April 29 until May 2, 2022

Formula 1 includes a.o.: 3 nights accommodation, all meals, access to all concerts.
For your accommodation, you can select your preference from following options:

  • 1a. Luxery bungalow park (bungalows 4 - 8 pers, bath room per bungalow, swimming paradise, in- en outdoor playground)
  • 1b. Holiday village (bungalows 4 - 8 pers, bath room per bungalow, playground)
  • 1c. Group accommodation (dorms and shared bath rooms in one building)
  • 1d. Host family

For further details we refer to the regulations

Formula 2: One day stay on April 30 or May 1, 2022

The group will participate on one day of the Festival only. Formula 2 includes a.o.: access to all concerts.
For further details we refer to the regulations.

Included in all formulas:

  • free entrance to the Kick-off and the opening festivities
  • participation in the jury concert
  • free entrance to all other jury concerts
  • free participation in a workshop and/or other concert
  • free participation in the evening activities on friday; as participant or as visitor
  • free participation in the evening happening; as participant or as visitor
  • free participation in the farewell activities

Overview of accommodation types

What is the difference between a luxery bungalow park, holiday village and group accommodation?

  luxery bungalow park holiday village group accommodation
indoor swimming pool yes - -
indoor playground yes - -
outdoor playground yes - -
sleeping unit bungalow bungalow dorm
number of people/unit 4 - 8 4 - 8 4 - 20
separate bathroom/unit yes yes no, shared bathroom
kitchen yes yes yes
meeting room - - yes


  • In the allocation of the accommodation, the organizing committee will consider the preferred choice as well as the availability of the accommodations.
    You can find the definite accommodation for your group on the group fiche that you will receive by the end of March.
    Together with the group fiche you will receive a document with all practical information, which includes what is or what is not provided at your accommodation.  

  • Formula 1 also includes all meals from the evening meal on Thursday until breakfast on Monday.
    Formula 2 includes no meals. If groups in formula 2 wish to have meals, they can do so - only after reservation before March 25.
    Special needs (only meals for people with allergies or vegetarian meals) should be reported to the festival secretariat before March 25.
    who want to order extra lunches for their journeymust order these through the festival secretariat before March 25.
    No packed lunches can be ordered during the festival days.
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