Jury 2011

The jury concert is the heart of the festival. It is the crowning glory of the many hours of rehearsals, an appreciation of the efforts. A renowned international jury evaluates the performances of the participants from a constructive angle. Every ensemble will receive, a few weeks after the festival, an extensive and pedagogically well-founded jury report with a positive and non-competitive evaluation. After the proclamation, during the walking dinner, conductors are offered the opportunity to meet the jury members.

Jury members

This list shows the jury members that were present during our festival of 2011.

Name jury member City, Country Function
Adams Henrie Balcón de Macastre, Spain conductor, musician
Åstrand Anders Stockholm, Sweden musician, composer
Claesen Ludo Hasselt, Belgium conductor, composer, professor
Craens Alain De Kllinge, Belgium composer, artistic director, professor
Damsma John Groningen, The Netherlands conductor, arranger, jury member
De Keninck Raf Antwerpen, Belgium conductor, artistic leader
De Laat Jan Uden, The Netherlands professor, conductor, advisor
Desmet Stefaan Bonheiden, Belgium professor, musician
Eliashevich Pavel Sint Petersburg, Russia Concert piano player, professor
Feyertag Vladimir Sint Petersburg, Russia musician, professor
Fransen Willy Zolder, Belgium professor, conductor, composer
Haemhouts Ben Borgerhout, Belgium conductor, composer, artistic director
Hendrikx Laurens Ittervoort, The Netherlands professor, conductor, jury member
Heyde Stephen Waco, Texas, USA professor, conductor, musician
Jiménez Alexander Florida, USA professor, director, musical director
Kelsey Xenophon Ripon, North Yorkshire, UK  conductor, musician, professor
Kotzia Eleftheria Londen, Greece musician, professor
Labeyrie Stéphane Parijs, France musician, professor
Lenaerts Wouter Peer, Belgium composer, conductor, musician
Meylaers Stefan Hasselt, Belgium musician, composer, conductor
Neyens Nico Neerpelt, Belgium musician, professor, conductor
Pelucchi PierAngelo Bergamo, Italië conductor, professor
Ponet Luc Tongeren, Belgium Organist, conductor, inspector, guestprofessor
Purins Janis Riga, Latvia professor, artistic director, conductor
Rinkes Carine Peer, Belgium musician, professor
Rogg Reinhold Bahlingen, Germany professor
Rombaut Dirk Brecht, Belgium musician, inspecteur
Rycken Johan Mol, Belgium professor, intendant
Santangelo Antonio Città S. Angelo, Italiy professor, artistic director, president
Saveniers Edmond Wijnegem, Belgium conductor, professor, musician
Skrobe Allan Skurup, Sweden arranger, producer, musician
Thorne Jon Londen, UK professor, musician
Trachsel Thomas Kappel, Switzerland conductor, composer
Van Coillie Arne Hasselt, Belgium musician, professor
Vandenabeele Wouter Gent, Belgium composer, arrangeur
Vermeert Filip Merelbeke, Belgium musician, professor, bigband leader
Willems André Neerpelt, Belgium professor, conductor
Willems Carlo Sint Truiden, Belgium musician, professor, composer
Ziegler Wolfgang Bad Vöslau, Austria conductor, composer

Advisory committee

Ludo Claesen Hasselt, Belgium
Alain Craens De Klinge, Belgium
Stefaan Desmet Bonheiden, Belgium
Willy Fransen Zolder, Belgium
Nico Neyens Neerpelt, Belgium
Luc Ponet Tongeren, Belgium

EMJ News 2011

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