Ensembles 2013

Following ensembles participated at the 61st European Music Festival for Young People in Neerpelt in 2013.

Nr Name / Country City Category


107 ACA Big Band Beringen B
106 Rupelzonen Boom A
87 Academie orkest Deurne Deurne A
22 Speelkring Diksmuide A
23 Speelschare Diksmuide A
38 Percussion Feeling Eksel C
54 VEM - Mini Musica Kinderorkest Gent F
55 VEM - Strijkorkest Gent E
6 Jeugddrumband Kempenbloei Hamont-Achel C
7 Jeugdfanfare Kempenbloei Hamont-Achel A*
4 Jeugdharmonie Hamont-Schoot Hamont-Schoot A
57 La Duetta Hasselt D*
42 Jeugdharmonie De Bergengalm Hechtel Hechtel-Eksel A
30 Jeugdfanfare Sforzando Hoeleden A
75 Euphonia Izegem A
85 Klarinettenensemble SAMW Izegem Izegem F
86 Slagwerkensemble SAMW Izegem Izegem C
34 Koninklijke Harmonie St.-Cecilia Heist Knokke-Heist A
79 Instapfanfare Concordia Malderen A
65 Orbis Musicana Meerhout A
109 Ghent Youth Jazz Orchestra Melle B
62 SlaEn NIKO Neerpelt C
73 Niko Hermonieorkest NIKO_HO! Neerpelt A*
89 Jeugdorkest van de Koninklijke Hermonie van Peer Peer A
36 Strijkorkest SAWD Roeselare Roeselare E
37 Kamermuziekensemble SAWD Roeselare Roeselare D
74 Flutechoir van de SAMWD Roeselare Roeselare F
78 Tocando Roeselare F
11 't Fanfareke Schoonbroek A
45 Percussie Ensemble Academie Tessenderlo Tessenderlo C
48 Jeugdbrassband Kempenzonen Tielen Tielen A
103 Perduo Wervik C
81 Westelfolk: tjoenkvolk Westerlo F


52 Zvezdicki Violin Ensemble Burgas D


71 Beijing Zhongguancun High School Golden Sail Orchestra Bejing A
102 Jinfan group from WUYI Elementary School Bejing A
91 TWGHs Wong Fut Nam College Brass Ensemble Hong Kong D
92 TWGHs Wong Fut Nam College Girls Quartet Hong Kong D
93 TWGHs Wong Fut Nam College Mixed Quartet Hong Kong D
94 TWGHs Wong Fut Nam College Percussion Ensemble Hong Kong C*
95 TWGHs Wong Fut Nam College String Ensemble Hong Kong D
96 TWGHs Wong Fut Nam College Symphonic Band Hong Kong A
97 TWGHs Wong Fut Nam College Violin Duo Hong Kong D
98 TWGHs Wong Fut Nam College Vocal Trio Hong Kong D
99 TWGHs Wong Fut Nam College Winds Ensemble Hong Kong D


20 Wanna Be Horsens B
47 Horsens Folk Band Horsens F


41 Jugendblasorchester der Stadtmusik Geisingen Geisingen A
67 Saly Hamburg D
21 The Yellow Tone Orchestra Montabaur B
82 ODEON Jugendsinfonieorchester München E*
14 Jugendblasorchester Stadt Neu-Ulm Neu-Ulm A
51 Sinfonisches Jugendblasorchester der Musikschule Schleiden Schleiden A
12 JUGGS- Juniororchester am Goethegymnasium Schwerin Schwerin A
26 Jugendstreichorcherster der Kreismusikschule Müritz Waren E
31 Jugendsinfonieorchster des Robert-Schumann-Konservatoriums Zwickau E


39 Symphonic Band of Georg Ots musicschool of Tallinn Tallinn A*


8 Outojoki (Weird River)  Joensuu F*


63 Aelia Sabina Percussion Orchestra Budapest F
94 String Orchestra of Sir Georg Solti Music School Budapest E
70 Szuk Mátyás Ifjúsági Fúvószenekar Tarnalelesz A



Knocklyon Concert Band

Dublin A


105 Batucada Percussion Salerno C*


15 Tambura orchestra KUD Mihovljan Mihovljan F*
59 Mladi tamburaski orkester Ferdo Livadic Samobor F

vlagnederlandThe Netherlands

69 Amersfoorts Jeugd Orkest (AJO) Amersfoort E*
32 Jeugdharmonie EMM Budel Budel A
33 Jeugdslagwerkgroep EMM Budel Budel C
72 Jeugdorkest Meerlo-Wanssum Horst a/d Maas en Venray A
17 Schoolorkest "Beyers Naudé" Leeuwarden F
24 Drumband St. Jozef Someren C
16 Frysk Jeugd Fanfare Orkes Wons A / A*
100 Benjamin Strijkorkest Zwolle E


35 Jugendblasorchester Stadt Haag Haag A
44 JOMO Jugendorchester Musikschule Ober-Grafendorf Ober-Grafendorf A


43 Kwartet Klarnetowy Jastrzębie-Zdrój D
1 Tre Olsztyn D
66 Grupa Muzyczna Mikano Sieraków F*
27 Tibiarum Scholares Toszek G
28 Chamber string orchestra of ZPSM nr1 Warschau F
90 Youth Chamber Orchestra DIVERTIMENTO from PSM im K. Kurpinskiego Warschau E


5 Russian folk orchestra of the Choral school for boys "Dubna" Dubna F
13 Balalaika Dubna F
25 Impromptu Dubna B
58 Ryabinushka Dubna D
60 Unison Dubna D*
2 Domra-Fest Moskou F
61 Exprompt Moskou F
108 Duo Shulyakovskiy-Koroleva St.-Petersburg D*


88 Accordion orchestra of Music School Skofja Loka Skofja Loka F


68 Children and Youth Orchestra Harmony Bratislava Bratislava E


49 Orquestra de corda nou barris Barcelona E
50 Ensemble de guitarres nou barris Barcelona F
53 Orquestra de vent nou barris Barcelona A
29 Orquestra de l'EdM Centre de Lectura de Reus Reus E
10 Grup Torredembarra Torredembarra F*

vlagtsjechischerepublikCzech Republic

46 Lusatia consort Cvikov G
18 Juventus Gradecensis Hradec Králové E*
19 Juventus Kvartet Hradec Králové D*
3 Klarinetový soubor Prachatice Prachatice D / D*
64 United orchestras of Sarabanda and Archi Piccoli Rychnov nad Kneznou and Police nad Metuji G
9 Wind Orchestra of Art School in Uničov Uničov A
104 Wind Orchestra of Elementary School of Arts in Vratimov Vratimov A


80 Chamber Orchestra of Lida State Music College Lida E


77 Kindersinfonie - Orchester Wetzikon F

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