Jury 2012

The jury concert is the heart of the festival. It is the crowning glory of the many hours of rehearsals, an appreciation of the efforts. A renowned international jury evaluates the performances of the participants from a constructive angle. Every ensemble will receive, a few weeks after the festival, an extensive and pedagogically well-founded jury report with a positive and non-competitive evaluation. After the proclamation, during the walking dinner, conductors are offered the opportunity to meet the jury members.

This list shows the jury members that were present at our festival of 2012.

name jury member city, country function
Ala-Pöllänen Kari Espoo, Finland conductor, professor
Anthonis Luc Antwerp, Belgium conductor,professor
Bikkembergs Kurt Stevoort, Belgium composer, conductor, professor
Brown Timothy United Kingdom conductor, professor
Budai Erika Leuven,Belgium composer, professor
Charron Alain Niort, France conductor
Claesen Ludo Hasselt, Belgium composer, conductor, professor
Damsma John Groningen, The Netherland conductor, arrangeur
Erdei Peter Kecskemét, Hungary professor, composer, muzikant
Grootens André Luzern, Switzerland professor, conductor
Haenebalcke Sabine Vloesberg,Belgium conductor, professor
Helbekkmo Maria Raadal, Norway conductor, professor
Ingólfsdóttir Thorgerdur Reykjavik, Iceland conductor, professor
Matoušek Lukáš Praag, Czech Republic composer, singer
Pelucchi Pierangelo Bergamo, Italy conductor, professor
Saluveer Aarne Harjumaa, Estonia professor, conductor
Ter Wey Fritz Aken, Germany professor, conductor
Van Ingelgem Maarten Aalst,Belgium composer, conductor
Van Klaveren Marijke Voorburg, The Netherlands conductor, professor
Van Lieshout Silvère Voorburg, The Netherlands conductor, artistic director
Vuye Jan Gent,Belgium conductor, professor
Windmolders Patrick Berchem,Belgium professor, conductor
Ziegler Wolfgang Bad Vöslau, Austria conductor, composer

Advisory committee

Anthonis Luc Antwerp, Belgium
Bikkembergs Kurt Stevoort,Belgium
Budai Erika Leuven,Belgium
Haenebalcke Sabine Vloesberg,Belgium

EMJ News 2012

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Visiting Kecskemét
From Thursday 12 untill Sunday 15 July, a EMY delegation did visit the Csipero festival in...
DVD's of the 60th EMJ
Our videocrew cooperators made of our previous diamond festival anniversary a few compilation...
Ambassador Lirica to South-Afrika
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Festivalambassadeur ontvangt Kiliana
The Belgian choir Kiliana coming from Overpelt, did give a concert in the Dutch museum for...
Concerts for everyone's taste
More festival days means more concerts. Apart gfrom the jury-performances a whole range of other...
The new festival button
This year all visitors and participants will receive this lovely festivalbutton which was designed...
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Untitled document collage1 Every year the festival depicts itself in a different way in the...
New EMJ president
On March 10, 2012 at a short press-conference it was announced that Rutger Nuyts will be the new...
Composer : Martin Slootmaekers
Martin Slootmaekers is the next one to be dealt with in our series of composers. He is the...
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In a co-operation with "Koor en Stem" a masterclass Choral Directing will be oganized by EMY in...
Composer : Kimber Bex
The Belgian composer KImber Bex was born in The Hague in 1991. Being the daughter of a diplomat,...
Composer : Maarten Van Ingelgem
Maarten Van Ingelgem (°1976) studied piano with Jan Michiels (Brussels Conservatory) and...
Participants 2012
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Uitzonderlijk programma
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