The Festival organizes several workshops about various topics on vocal or instrumental music (depending on the upcoming edition of the Festival). The main idea is to have participants from different countries singing or playing together. The workshop will be presented by Belgian music experts who have great international fame.

Registration required

If you wish to participate in a workshop, you can indicate so on your registration form. These workshops are free of charge for all participating groups. Groups that stay for only one day cannot participate in a workshop on the day of their jury performance.

For oganizational reasons it is only possible to participate in the workshops after prior subscription. As the number of places per workshop is limited, the festival organization decides which choir / ensemble participates in which workshop. After engagement of participation the choir/ensemble is obliged to participate in the selected workshop.

Extra information can be consulted in the festival programme that will be available a few weeks prior to the Festival.

Impressions Workshops vocal

Impressions Workshops instrumental

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