Four kettledrums and one piano are free at your disposal if you indicate so on your application form.

All ensembles bring along all other instruments and their music stands.

Exceptions can be allowed for ensembles that travel by plane and eventually those that participate in the categories jazz and percussion. The festival can, if requested before February 28, 2021 and if paid for, provide a limited number of instruments. Ensembles in category I.C who wish to use the complete basic percussion-instrumentation have to reckon with a rental price on a flat rate basis. The rental cost for demands different from the complete instrumentation, will be considered individually. A list of all available percussion instruments can be requested at our festival secretariat (). The festival organisation is entitled to review the necessity and attainability of all demands for instruments. 

All other applications concerning the rent of non-percussion instrumentation is treated separately and, if applicable, counted to the rental cost.


A backline for amplification of instruments is available only in category I.B Jazz ensembles and only for gitar, piano and vocals. All exceptions concerning amplification must be requested in advance and can only be allowed after submission of the scores.



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