Tuesday, 09 March 2021 14:03

Extension regulations EMJ 2021

Because of the continued COVID measures in many countries we noticed that it is sometimes very difficult for groups to come togehter, rehearse and make a recording for our upcoming festival om May 1st. That is why the organising committee of the EMJ has decided to extend the regulations of this online edition.

In order to give as many groups as possible the opportunity to be part of this unique edition of the EMJ, we added an "open participation" category. This category is meant for:

− Orchestras or choirs that want to participate under the known festival categories but are not able to make a recent recording;
− Mini-ensembles or small choirs;
− Soloists (with adult companions);
− Individual musicians of music academies (recordings of exams…)

We still expect a recording with a self-chosen repertoire of 8 to 10 minutes. This recording does not have to be recent but cannot be older than the last physical festival edition. For choirs this is May 2018, for instrumental ensembles and orchestras May 2019. Recordings that are not recent will not be judged by our jury unless specifically requested by the participants.

For more information about this new category, we refer you to our regulations.

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