Wednesday, 06 January 2021 10:54

Participate in the Balkan Challenge!

The European Music Festival for Young People wants to give choirs who are looking for an extra challenge the opportunity to study a song written especially for the European cooperation project “West-Balkan and Europe United, musical synergies for young artists”.

For this project the EMJ cooperates with partners from 3 countries in the European Union (Italy, Poland and Hungary) and 6 countries from the West-Balkan region (Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Serbia and Bosnia). The aim of this project is to introduce youngsters to choir music typical for a different region than their own. We and our partners have asked choir composers form the West-Balkan to compose songs and we want to let them be performed by choirs based in the European Union. Simultaneously, compositions written by Belgian, Polish, Italian and Hungarian composers will be performed in the West-Balkan. In this way we want to introduce a, for many, lesser known region to the European youth and achieve cultural exchange.

 Every choir consisting of SSA or SATB can choose to, in addition to their own repertoire, perform a for the EMJ composed song. This can be an extra challenge to enrich their repertoire with a new song in a lesser known style. The choir would register for their specific category and additionally for the Balkan challenge. There are three Balkan songs the choirs can choose from: one song for SSA and two songs for SATB.

For the European Music Festival for Young People the following compositions were created:

For more information on the project project “West-Balkan and Europe United, musical synergies for young artists”, click here.

For more information on how to register, click here.

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