Monday, 09 November 2020 09:40

EMJ 2021 will be an online event!


United @ Home, our online festival event in May 2020, was a big success! Thousands of people around the world were able to experience the EMJ from their living rooms. Immediately after this event, the organisation started preparing the 69th festival in Neerpelt. The current situation and travel advice – in group – in Europe will make it, unfortunately, impossible to host big international for our European youth, even in the spring of 2021. BUT…




--- ONLINE ---

The EMJ wants to give everyone, both vocal and instrumental groups, the opportunity to participate in this unique online event. During this digital festival, all values and main activities of the festival will definitely be present. Participating groups will be able to perform in front of an international jury by means of a pre-recorded, self-imposed repertoire. All jury concerts can be viewed during one of our live streams. The jury will not give points but only a constructive report that can inspire groups for concerts to come. We understand that it is difficult for many groups to rehearse under the current circumstances but we want to emphasise that the main message the festival wants to send out in these times is that of fraternisation and uniting people through music. Making music and feeling united is more important than giving your best performance ever. Choirs that are looking for a challenge have the possibility to study a song and enter in a second category. This song has been written as part of the European WeBEUnited project and is planned to be performed in multiple European countries.

We are also planning workshop and meet and greets with jury members. The spectacular proclamation and evening happening will not be absent either. We already started preparing the necessary infrastructure and talking to professionals to make this possible both technically as content wise. The festival will last the whole day, from breakfast until the evening concert. Interactive sessions for each participating group will be included. The EMJ will once again try and redefine the standard for online festivals in its kind.

This 69nd edition remains as planned a double festival where both choirs and instrumental ensembles can enter. More information about how to register and the conditions will soon be available at

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