The festive parade on every Festival day really is one of the Festival's highlights. After their exceptional jury concert the young people are happy to be able to discharge and to celebrate and fraternize with the local population.

Departure and arrival

The parade leaves at 5 pm on the playground of Wico Juniorcampus. The arrival is around 5.45 pm at the sports hall of the Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof, where the proclamation will take place.


The parade walks through the Stationstraat until the traffic lights.Straight ahead through the Groenstraat and Norbertinessenlaan until the roundabout with the Onderwijslaan. Salute the honorary guests on the platform. Continue to theOnderwijslaan. At the end of the Onderwijslaan they will continue into the Justitielaan. At the end of Justitielaan, right into the Toekomstlaan towards the sports hall.


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