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Jan Coeck

jancoeckJan Coeck was born in 1950 in Wilrijk (Belgium)
He teaches at the Lemmensinstitute in Louvain. He works as a composer, as a piano accompanist and as an arranger.
He is a lecturer and he is involved in several educational after schooling projects. Jan Cock is a composer and an author of pieces for vocal and instrumental ensembles, songs for children and youngsters, and even musical stories and foreign language projects. werd geboren in 1950 in Wilrijk (België).

Paul Steegmans

paulsteegmansPaul Steegmans (born July 3, 1957 in Hasselt) studied piano, organ and music writing at the Lemmensinstitute in Louvain. He graduated in 1980 as a "Laureate piano and music education" and was awarded a first prize fugue in 1985. In 1993 he was awarded a first prize composition at the K.V.M.C. in Antwerp with Willem Kersters.
Paul Steegmans is a respected accompanist of singers and choirs, as well an piano as on organ.
As a composer we was often awarded prizes for his pieces for piano, organ, guitar, for choral music and for chamber music.
He is a committee-member of the Seven Yearly Virga Jesse Celebrations in Hasselt, he participates in the artistic workgroup of the International Choir Contest in Maasmechelen and he is a member of the jury in various national and international music contests.
For 25 years Paul Steegmans was a guest professor practical harmony at the Lemmensinstitute in Louvain,; since 1980 he has been a piano and an accompaniment teacher at the Academy for Music, Words and Dance in Genk.

Erika Budai

Erika Buderikabudaiai was born in Tienen (Belgium). She studied to become a professional musician at the Lemmensinstitute in Louvain and she regularly was a laureate of the composition contest "Young Composers" in Brussels.
She attended masterclasses composition in Darmstadt (Germany) with among others Karl-Heinz Stockhausen and Wolfgang Rihm ans she qualified as a choir-conductor in Berlin (Germany) and Pontmain (France).
Erika Budai has created an odd 140 compositions, mostly choral and chamber-music, edited in Belgium and the Netherlands. She is a regular member of the jury at national and international music festivals and composition contests and since 2012 she has been a Board-member of the Béla Bartok Archive of the Royal Albertina-Library in Brussels.
Currently she teaches harmony and music composition and the Municipal Conservatory in Louvain.

Roland Coryn

rolandcorynRoland Coryn was born in 1938 in Kortrijk, and he studied music at the S.A.M.W. Harelbeke and at the Royal Conservatory in Ghent.
Initially he was mainly active as a pianist and as a tenor violinist. As from 1970 on he concentrated on musical composition. As a composer he was often awarded.
Roland Coryn worked as a piano teacher and as a violin-tenor violin teacher and as an ensemble playing teacher at the music academies of Harelbeke and Izegem, as a director of the S.M.C. in Ostend and of the Harelbeke, and as a musical composition teacher at the K.M.C. in Ghent. Moreover he conducted the New Conservatory Ensemble.
Since 1977 Roland Coryn has focused on composing. He is a member of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium in the Arts Department, co-organizer of the Music Biannuals in Harelbeke and co-organizer , incentive and president of the International Harmony composition contest Harelbeke Muziekstad.
Currently he works as a composer, as an honorary composition teacher at the Ghent Highschool and he is honorary Head of SAMX Peter Benoit in Harelbeke.

Peter Pieters

peterpietersPeter Pieters (born July 2, 1957, Eeklo, Belgium) was musically educated at the Lemmensinstitute in Louvain where he graduated in 1981 as a n organist and as a music teacher. He continued his studies in Louvain at a higher level for organ with Chris Dubois and for composition and fugue with Frans Geysen and Jos Van Looy. In 1983 he was awarded a first prize fugue and the Lemmens-Tinel prize for organ.
Currently he teaches organ, improvisation, song accompaniment and composition at the Lemmensinstitute in Louvain and since 1986 he has been the organ-holder of the Saint-Romboutscathedral in Mechelen to succeed Flor Peeters. He often gave organ-concerts in Belgium, and he was a guest at important foreign organ-festivals in among others the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Italy, Denmark and Poland ... His concerts even took him to Bolivia in 1998 to play old-Dutch and old-Spanish composers.
As a composer he mainly wrote vocal music, chamber music, and some pieces for orchestra and for choir and orchestra, among which the Holy Mary cantata "Mater et advocate nostra", and in 1993 "Le Chemin de la Croix" to a text by Paul Claudel. In 1995 in Mechelenhe created the "Village of the Fools", an oratorio to honour Father Damian.
In 1997 he composed an ambitious score for symphony orchestra, organ, synthesizer and rock band by order of loudspeaker-manufacturer B&W. The performance was realized by the Lemmensinstitute Orchestra and recorded at the legendary Abbey-road studios for EMI London. In 1999 he created a Benedict-oratorio on the occasion of the Centennial of the Keizersberg Abbey in Louvain

Raymond Schroyens

raymondschroyensRaymond Schroyens (born March 14, 1933 in Mechelen) started his music education with among others P. van de Broek, Jules Van Nuffel, Staf Nees, Flor Peeters,and Marinus de Jong. In 1954 he became a laureate at the Lemmensinstitute, Mechelen and in 1958 at the Royal Flemish Conservatory Antwerp with Flor Peters.
After his graduation Raymond Schroyens worked as a choir master in Dearborn/Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. and as a music teacher and choir master in Mechelen and Berchem. Later he was a clavecinist with the Concertino J.B. Loeillet in Mechelen.
His administrative-cultural career with BRT-Brussels, Radio 3, dep. Classical music – currently the Klara-station – lasted for more than 30 years as an executive producer "programmation, studio recordings and live concerts". Moreover he was a harpsichord teacher at various music schools and he was awarded numerous national and international music prizes.
Raymond Schroyens was also a Board member and Advisor of the Festival of Flanders Mechelen, President of Ars Organi Mechelen and President of the Flemish Federation of youth choirs Ghent.

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